His Dog Sneaks Out To Cemetery Every Morning, So One Day Dad Decided To Follow Him…

About This Video:

We really don’t know what to say after watching this video. It’s really something that is too sad, and at the same time too incredible to put into words. But this is not the first time that we hear a story like this, and this is the proof that it wasn’t just one isolated case, dogs really can feel a great sense of loss when their humans die.

So what happened here? Cesur, a spectacularly cute dog, lost his 79-year-old owner who passed away peacefully at a hospital in Turkey. During his owner’s last days the pooch refused to eat, and when the owners body was brought home his loyal pet wouldn’t leave his side. He just stood there, looking at the ground.

Since the funeral, this beautiful pup has visited his late owner’s grave every single morning! Incredible!

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