He’s Carrying His Sick Dog To The Vet. Then Bikers Show Up And Do Something He’ll Never Forget

About This Video:

It’s a story of friendship, love and loyalty between two war buddies, Cpl. Russ Moseley and his inseparable dog Sgt Canvas. Canvas was trained to sniff out more than 50 types of land mines and saved her handler from death dozens of times. Now, years after their war days, it was time for him to return the favor and save her from pain.

After spinal injury, Sgt. Canvas turned from a happy dog to a shadow of her old self. As difficult as it was to come to peace with it, it was time to say their final goodbyes. As she was gently being taken to her last vet visit, a convoy of bikers, war veterans and strangers appeared in order to give one of America’s K9 heroes the farewell she deserved. May she rest in peace!

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