Mom Thinks She Hears Her Kids Eating Whipped Cream From A Can And Goes To Confront The Guilty Party.

About This Video:

Whipped cream makes the perfect topping on many sweet treats and desserts. It compliments everything from ice cream and cake to apple pie and fresh berries. It’s also just as yummy and great on its own, which is why it’s so hard to resist when it comes in a can.

Who hasn’t ever snuck in a mouthful of the light and airy creamy stuff at least once in their life?! It’s just too easy to pop the cap off, tilt back your head, and pull the whipped cream nozzle. It can be done in seconds so even though it’s bad manners, no one will ever even notice.

Apparently, whipped cream is just as irresistible to dogs as it is to humans. Casey Officer found this out one day while she was at home in California. She thought one of her kids was up to no good in the kitchen when she heard the unmistakable sound of a can of whipped cream being dispensed. Like any good mother, she went over to investigate but instead of seeing one of her kids eating straight from the can, she found her dog Stig on the floor with it!

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