Nursing Home Adopts Grumpy Stray Cat After They See What He Does To The Patients

About This Video:

You’ve heard stories and seen videos of many animals that know some tricks, and you are always flabbergasted by how they are able to do that. But this cat is in a league of his own! Not even humans can do what he does! He is so special that there are even books and documentaries about him. So, what is it that makes this fluffy feline so unique.

On the surface, Oscar looks like an ordinary cat, except that he isn’t. He lives in a hospital, and he likes to check in on patients everyday. He enters every room, checks every single patient and only stay with a patient if they really are at the end of life. It’s as if he has an instinctive feeling that a patient is about to die.

Sometimes, he would jump on the bed, and curl up next to a patient, and he’ll be there until the very end. The doctors couldn’t believe what they were seeing! It absolutely cannot be explained! You have to see it to believe it!

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