He Secretly Films His Dog Watching TV. Now Watch When His Favorite Movie Comes On

About This Video:

Everybody loves movies! It’s just a generally accepted fact! Of course, we all have our favorite films, and favorite characters. Especially kids.

Kids tend to idolize movie characters, before it used to be Bruce Lee, now it’s usually some of the Marvel or DC Heroes. All kids want to be them! Some want to be Superman, some want to be Batman, or Spiderman. But what is that thing that all these characters have in common? They are all basically humans with super powers! Therefore, since human children idolize human superheroes, it should not come as a surprise that dogs would idolize dog superheroes! Like Stryker for example!

He adores Bolt! For all we know he’d love to be Bolt. His owner filmed him watching his favorite movie, just look at the way he reacts when he reaches for Bolt but realizes that he cannot get to him!

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